Are you hurting your healing?

by Tight Spot on Mar 01, 2023

Are you hurting your healing?

If you have pain through movement it is likely the muscle has compensated for years or inflamed through excessive movement. Compensated muscle means one of two things, it is contracting at the wrong time or the muscle cannot fully relax. Your muscle needs to be able to fully relax and also fully contract through the correct sequence to allow real healing. You have trained your body for years intentionally and unintentionally. The only way to change your pain is to change how you care for your body.

Self care must include the ability to release tight muscle. To start, look at your daily movements. See if you can identify the movements that cause/d your problem. Then reduce that movement until healing happens.

Let’s review the process of healing. Then we will talk about the best way to enhance healing. 

Tight Spot can be used in a plethora of ways, carpal tunnel, wrist pain, trigger finger, golfers elbow, tennis elbow, biceps tendonitis, tricep/elbow pain, shoulder pain, ribs “out,” low back pain, tight chest, sciatica, piriformis syndrome, tight hamstrings, quad pain, tight thighs, calf pain, plantar fasciitis.

Immediate pain reduction comes from using your Tight Spot on the muscle belly.

When you place the attachment on the muscle belly that is sore, ensure valve is closed then pump the ball to increase pressure to 120-140.

When you have the pressure on, create active ranges of motion, flexing and extending through normal movement to make the muscle contract and relax. This helps in 5 specific ways.

Nervous System
1. Motor control, the nervous system is forced to create contraction and relaxation.
2. Sensory input, creates awareness that there is a problem in the muscle, engaging the healing process (increasing blood flow).
Muscular System
3. Breaks through adhesions/acid buildup in the muscle at deeper levels as the muscle loosens.
4. Contraction creates a pump to quickly pull the loose acids back into the blood stream.
Cardiovascular Sytem
5. With the healing process engaged your body is pumping nutrient rich blood into the deep layers of muscle, however, the pressure is restricting blood flow, when pressure is released the muscle rapidly absorbs the blood for better recovery and healing.

After 40 seconds and not more than 3 minutes in one spot, release pressure through the valve then pick the next spot on the muscle that is sore and repeat.

ALWAYS wait 48-hours before reapplying pressure to the same area. This is due to the bodies need to heal…it takes time. Let your natural process progress how they need to. Allowing 48 hours allows your body to reach optimal healing before breaking the tissue down again. Make sure you hydrate and continue to move through your daily movement patterns.

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