Fix Big Toe pain and Shin Splints!

by Tight Spot on Mar 20, 2023

Fix Big Toe pain and Shin Splints!

After a snowy week last week, the warmer weather forecast this week is very exciting. After all, we are in March! And, once the snow melts, it will be time for Spring activities to start. Many of us will be walking outside regularly, getting to the dog park more, perhaps even throwing around a frisbee or biking with the grandkids. What about you? What Springtime activity will you be starting as soon as the snow melts?

As exciting as spring is, you must keep in mind it is likely you will experience soreness or even some mild pain after restarting activities you haven’t done in a while. For example, when you get back to walking or running on concrete, shin pain and even pain in the big toe joint is likely. This is especially common if you are overdoing it. Be aware of this and remember it is SO important to care for your muscles using the most powerful self care tool available, Tight Spot. 

Shin and big toe pain coming from overuse of the muscles can be helped in a fast and effective way using your Tight Spot. We hate to see pain take joy away from your daily activities. Imagine having zero pain! Being able to go on daily walks, jogs, or even something as simple as running around with your kids or grandkids. We want that for you!

Our hope is to give you an understanding of where your pain is stemming from. Then show you just how simple it is to use Tight Spot and relieve pain.

Check out this self-care technique for shin splints and big toe pain.

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Think of all you will gain when you have no pain.